Vehicle Industry

Natural and non-toxic vehicle depot maintenance

Natural oil leak and dirt cleaning in vehicle maintenance and machine contracting.

KEEEN Parts Cleaner suits perfectly for vehicle repair and maintenance as well as car parts and tool cleaning. It is recyclable in continuous spray dispensers and remediates oil leaks and spills at machine contractors and truck depos. The microbial activity of Oil Biosorb can be revitalized and reused. Oil Absorbent variations are suitable for  oil containment in machine contracting and truck maintenance applications.

The innovative KEEEN products contain no chemicals but are all natural bio-remediators providing safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable but high-performance solution for vehicle industry cleaning. KEEEN’s cleaning products are used to degrade, digest and clean hydrocarbon, oil, grease and  organic dirt stains and spills.

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