Hotels and Restaurants

Maintain hygienic standards 

Clean restaurant kitchens and sanitary spaces.

KEEEN products provide means to eliminate and dissolve grease, organic dirt and oils in large kitchen facilities and sanitary spaces of hotels and restaurants.

Surface Cleaners are used to remove grease and organic dirt from any surface, they degrade biological molecules and organic substances in kitchen and hotel facilities as well as reduce fly infestations and odors by eliminating F.O.G build-up.

Ensuring adequate hygieny in public areas is vital for successful business. Hygienic standards can be efficiently and safely met and appropriate processing are disinfection ensured with the use of KEEEN Bio Sanitizer, Natural Hand Wash and Germ Killer Blood products. E.g. use of Germ Killer Blood will eliminate food poisoning pathogens like E.Coli, Salmonella, virus and H1N1.

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