Oil Spill Cleaning

KEEEN for safe and effective oil spill cleaning

Safe, effective and natural oil spill cleaning is where KEEEN products are at their best. 

KEEEN has shown its effects in several oil spills and has been chosen as the preferred oil spill recovery method by Thailand government.  KEEEN Oil Spill Control is a superior, safe and natural cleaning agent, which degrades oil with oil-eating microbes and enzymes, contrary to dispersants, which produce sinking and toxic emulsions. Works well on crude oil, bunker fuel, waste oil and fuels. KEEEN Oil Biosorb is ideal for absorbing and digesting small leaks, and Oil Absorbent effectively absorbs and remediates contained oil. The natural, biological components of KEEEN products degrade oil efficiently and safely, protecting vulnerable ecosystems against oil spill contamination at sea.

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