Versatile oil leak cleaning in marine applications

Safe and natural product line for boating and marine oil recovery needs. 

KEEEN Marine oil absorbers are natural, innovative, mixtures of organic fibers or pumice and microbes, which can bind and absorb oil and other harmful liquids, chemical solvents or paint in boating and marine applications.

KEEEN Marine oil cleaners are natural, safe and effective cleaners for oil leaks and oily, greasy and dirty parts in boats and ships. Cleans up spills and leaks into boat bilges, ship floors, engine rooms, water ways or filling stations. Starts clean-up on emergency spill quickly and effectively. Reduce hazards and costs of cleanup in maintenance areas. Cleans heavy equipment, motor blocks, exhausted duct, oil/fuel spills in engine rooms and service areas.

Non-toxic and 100% natural mixture of microbes and biological activators. Clean and degrade hydrocarbons, oil and organic molecules.

Remediate oil from bilges, surfaces and parts and starts the digestive process of turning oil and grease into carbon dioxide and water.

KEEEN Marine ECO Hand Wash is plant-derived cleaner to produce a rich mixture. Removes paint, oil and difficult stains from your hands fast and effectively. Extremely gentle and refreshing on the skin when washing hands after a job in a boat or ship. Tough on dirt.

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