Wastewater Treatment

KEEEN Wastewater Treatment

Safe ● Non-caustic ● Natural

KEEEN Wastewater Treatment bioremediation agent is a natural, non-chemical cleaner which:

  • Is a synergistic blend of selected non-pathogenic microbes with non-toxic formulation of biological activators, which digest hydrocarbon, oil, grease and organic molecules.
  • Reduces odor in wastewater facilities, lift stations, holding ponds and landfill applications.
  • Resists many chemical shocks and decreases recovery time.
  • Improves biological, sludge and nitrification/de-nitrification processes.
  • Enhances the efficiency of wastewater treatment.
  • Reduces BOD/COD/SS/FOG of wastewater prior to release into public wastewater treatment.
  • Package sizes: 250 ml,  5 liters, 20 liters, 200 liters and 1000 liters.


Additional Info

  • Dirt type: benzene, gasoline, cutting fluids, fuel oils, jet fuel, lubricating oil, glycols, diesel, hydraulic oil, skydrol, grease, motor oil