Oil Biosorb

KEEEN Oil Biosorb

Safe ● Natural ● Non-chemical ● Reusable

KEEEN Oil Biosorb bioabsorbent is a natural powder which:

  • Is a general purpose absorbent, absorbing water based fluids and contains organic Pumice and integrated bioremediation microbes. Can absorb oil, all liquid dirt, does not leave stain on the floor and prevents slipping hazards.
  • Absorbs spilled oil and changes it into carbon dioxide and water.
  • It is biodegradable and incinerable and cleans up hydrocarbon spills easily.
  • Environmentally safe and cost effective
  • May be reused several times!
  • Package sizes: 500 g bag and 10 kg plastic container.



Additional Info

  • Dirt type: benzene, gasoline, cutting fluids, fuel oils, jet fuel, lubricating oil, glycols, diesel, hydraulic oil, skydrol, grease, motor oil, crude oil, refined petroleum, waste oil, bunker fuel, petroleum, bunker oil