Odor Neutralizer

KEEEN Odor Neutralizer

Safe ● Non-caustic ● Natural

KEEEN Odor Neutralizer is a fully biodegradabe, organic odor killer for any sources of bad smell, which:

  • Strongly neutralizes hydrogen sulfide or unpleasant odors with the natural power of peroxide, prevents sulfide formulation and enhances organic oxidation.
  • Rapidly breaks down into oxygen and water.
  • Instantly controls odor without masking scent or chemicals.
  • Improves degradation and deodorization of inorganic and organic odor sources.
  • Applications include wastewater or compost facilities, garbage transfer stations, landfill, rendering plants, solid waste handling, laundries and vegetable wastes.
  • Ecologically sound with effective extra atom of oxygen.

  • Spray on to an odor source with a dilution ratio of 1:100 or 1:200 depending on the amount of waste.
  • Pre-process organic odor sources with Odor Neutralized 20-30 minutes prior to applying Odor Eliminator. 

  • Package sizes: 250 ml,  5 liters and 20 liters, 200 liters and 1000 liters.


Additional Info

  • Dirt type: benzene, gasoline, cutting fluids, fuel oils, jet fuel, lubricating oil, glycols, diesel, hydraulic oil, skydrol, grease, motor oil