Odor Eliminator

KEEEN Odor Eliminator

Safe ● Non-caustic ● Natural

KEEEN Odor Eliminator bioremediation agent is a natural, biological, non-chemical odor suppressor and organic dirt cleaner which:

  • Is a synergistic blend of selected non-pathogenic microbes with nontoxic formulation of biological activators, which digest hydrocarbons, oil, grease and organic molecules.
  • Is neutral in pH, non-toxic, non-volatile and non-flammable.
  • Eliminates and degrades organic substances as unpleasant odor sources by microbial activity.
  • Applications include wastewater or compost facilities, garbage transfer stations, landfills, rendering plants, solid waste handling, laundries and vegetable wastes.
  • Enhances the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

  • Apply Odor Eliminator diluted with water at a ratio of 1:100 by spraying onto organic odor sources. Usage frequency depends on the accumulation rate of odor forming organic waste substances.

  • Package sizes: 250 ml, 5 liters, 20 liters, 200 liters and 1000 liters.

NOTE: Limit the use of bleaches, sanitizers, and other strong chemicals as they can limit or eliminate the effectiveness of the microbes.



Additional Info

  • Dirt type: benzene, gasoline, cutting fluids, fuel oils, jet fuel, lubricating oil, glycols, diesel, hydraulic oil, skydrol, grease, motor oil