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KEEEN Greenovation

KEEEN bio organic innovation is based on two decades of academic research and development on microbes, high-performance enzymes and biosurfactants stemming from natural sources. The result is an efficient and economical family of natural bioremediation agents capable of digesting oil molecules and organic substances. This green innovation is a potential key in resolving industrial and domestic waste management issues globally.

KEEEN products can be used for general cleaning, degreasing, VOC decontamination, recovering oil spills and pollutants as well as inducing self-remediation prior to discharging into sewage systems. KEEEN products are a unique combination of biology (natural microbes and enzymes) and organic substances (100% from natural sources).

KEEEN is a leading developer of bio organic cleaning products. KEEEN’s environmental innovativeness has been recognized with multiple international innovation awards.

KEEEN certifications

ECOCERT Greenlife

ECOCERT is an internationally recognized, independent inspection and certification body for sustainable development, control and traceability throughout the supply chain, committed to enevironmental protection and experts' international network.

KEEEN products have received certification from ECOCERT Greenlife and are thus found to be fully natural and organic detergent products!






The management system of KEEEN Ltd is certified by TUV SUD for its environmental management according to ISO 14001:2004 and for its leadership according to ISO 9001:2008.

TUV ISO 14001:2004 

TUV ISO 9001:2008





Abbreviation “TISI” stands for “Thai Industrial Standards Institute” which is National Standards Institute of Ministry of Industry. It is responsible for setting standards and monitoring products and services to meet the requirements or Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). KEEEN Limited received general standard license, named oil spill response product certificate, standard number. TIS 2224-2548 with license number (3) 2365-2/2224 as the first company in Thailand.


Tests for global use

The products have been tested by global expert companies with experiences in issuing certification for product quality for export into Europe, the United States of America and Canada.The accredited formula of  Oil Spill Control has been tested by Intertek for flash point and heavy metals. 



The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government organization with the responsibility of protecting the public health with consumer products to fulfil quality and safety standards. FDA promotes the right consumer behaviors with accurate and reliable technical information as appropriate evidence for public health, safety and the consume benefits. This applies to
  • Surface Cleaner F.O.G Digester
  • Surface Cleaner Sensitivity
  • Odor Neutralizer
  • Natural Hand Wash
  • Natural Hand Wash (odorless)
  • Germ Killer Blood, Scale & Oil Remover



Products which have been approved by the NSF NON FOOD are regarded as accepted for international use according to American standards.The following KEEEN formulas have been certified by NSF
  • Surface Cleaner Sensitivity
  • Germ Killer Blood, Scale & Oil Remover
  • Surface Cleaner – F.O.G Digester


SGS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd is the first international firm accredited by the National Accreditation Council (NAC) of Thailand. Currently SGS is recognized as the international benchmark in quality and integrity with a unique global SGS network operating in over 1,000 locations, including the branch office, and laboratory. The SGS Group are the leading provider of monitoring services in agricultural products, minerals, oil and gas, consumer products, including system certification services to government organization, and international institutions.

KEEEN products tested by SGS are:
  • Parts Cleaner
  • Surface Cleaner - F.O.G Digester
  • Surface Cleaner Sensitivity


The Japanese company is one of the leaders of “Monitoring and Evaluation”, “analysis”, marine products handling “certification insurance” and “consulting services”. For product quality certificates and reports issued by the OMIC are considered important documents that are widely used in the business world and have been recognized internationally.KEEEN products that have been tested by OMIC are as follows:
  • Surface Cleaner F.O.G Digester